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    ADOC 2007 recap
    Wednesday, November 28, 2007

    So, the Autumn Moon Entertainment and Crimson Cow forum chats at the Adventure Developers Online Conference 2007 (organized by Adventure Europe) are over, and here are some interesting details that came forward:

  • AME are weeks away from finishing the art for A Vampyre Story and are going to start on AVS2 in December. The programming will continue on for about ten more weeks. They're on track for a Q1 2008 release.

  • There will be at least three A Vampyre Story games, and possibly four.

  • All the voice actors are professional Bay Area actors. Rebecca Schweitzer is Mona, Jeremy Koerner is Froderick, Liz Mamorsky is Madame Strigoi, Brian Sommer is Shrowdy and Balcu, and Gavin Hammon is the Monsignor. Bill Tiller mentioned that he likes the Monsignor's voice so much that he'd love to make an entire game about him.

  • Bill also said something about Mona's vampire powers: "In the first half of the game, she will be able to turn into a bat. In the second half, with great reluctance, she learns how to bite people and drain them of blood just enough to knock them out. She NEVER kills anyone. Then in the next two games, she will gradually gain more vampire powers, such as hypnotizing weak-willed people and controlling the weather."

  • Production on AVS2 should be finished within the next 15-16 months.

  • Crimson Cow is interested in releasing AVS on consoles, but they don't want to do a straight-up port - they want to give players a different experience than on the PC, which sounds promising.

  • There will be a demo for AVS.

  • But this is of course just a synopsis, and there is a lot more to read in the Autumn Moon Entertainment and Crimson Cow sections of the ADOC 2007 forums. Of course, ADOC 2007 itself isn't over yet, so you may want to visit there if you want to learn more about other adventure games.


    One other fact that I thought was pretty interesting is that they aim to release the game simultaneously in most territories.

    Somehow, I still have some doubts about this being feasible, but it would be cool! Imagine all the people being in vampyre mood all over the Internet simultaneously ;)
    Anonymous MyMuse, at Thursday, November 29, 2007 10:26:00 pm  

    Yeah, I'm not sure it will really happen either, but it would be very cool to have a worldwide launch. Let's hope so. :)
    Blogger Haggis, at Thursday, November 29, 2007 10:42:00 pm  

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